Fiberglass Extension Ladder


Industrial Fibreglass Extension Ladder



  • Closed Height: 3.2m

  • Extended Height: 5.8m

  • Approx. Weight: 21 kg

  • Load Rating: 150 kg

  • Complies with Australian Standards 1892.3:1996



  • Durable lightweight design uses robust fibreglass side rails and structural grade aluminium rungs, to provide greater strength.

  • These ladders are designed to be used where an electrical hazard might exist so as to offer greater protection for the user.

  • All aluminium components have been anodized for better corrosion resistance and lower retention of dirt and grime.

  • Anti slip moulded rubber feet for added safety.

  • Lightweight for easy movement and operation.

  • Fully automatic latching system ensures that upper section will not descent out of control.

  • The rungs utilize a 3-piece rung joint system for attachment to the side rails such that they can be manufactured from high tensile and hardened aluminium for greater strength and durability.

  • Optional accessories: Level Arc, the automatic ladder leveler

  • Manufactured to Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1892.3.1996

10x10 Step Price 320 AU Out of stock

12x12 Step Price 360 AU

14x14 Step Price 400 AU